Facing Interviews

  1. Do express yourself clearly with a strong voice and good diction and grammar.
  2. Do pay close attention to your personal appearance; dress to your advantage.
  3. Do make concrete goals in planning for your career.
  4. Do offer a firm handshake.
  5. Do look the interviewer in the eye (but don't stare him or her down).
  6. Do display self-confidence.
  7. Do take time to think before answering difficult or unexpected questions.
  8. Do have prepared questions about the employer and position.
  9. Do take an extra copy of your resume and a list of references with you to the interview.
  10. Do equip yourself with a strong knowledge of the company.

  1. Don't be overbearing, overaggressive or conceited.
  2. Don't show a lack of interest or enthusiasm.
  3. Don't emphasize money as your main interest in the job.
  4. Don't make excuses for unfavorable factors on your record.
  5. Don't display a marked dislike for schoolwork.
  6. Don't smoke, chew gum, etc. even if offered or if the interviewer does so.
  7. Don't glorify your past experiences - getting into a job for which you are under qualified is not recommended.
  8. Don't be late to the interview.
  9. Don't take notes during the interview - jot down your notes immediately after the interview.
  10. Don't be indecisive.

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